About Us


Doug Mayer established Premier Lending in 2001 with the mission to exceed customer expectations and make the home loan process more seamless. With over 15 years of experience in the mortgage industry and prior positions at Wells Fargo and J.P. Morgan Chase, Mayer has a thorough and balanced outlook.

At Premier Lending, we pride ourselves on finding the best rates, services and options. Whether you're seeking the lowest rate possible, a large amount of guidance or a more complex financing package, we realize you are unique and we will work with you to form a loan that is exclusively tailored to your needs.




Looking for your first home?  Looking to upsize or downsize? Ready for a second home?  We stay up to date on all of the newest programs to get you there!


Looking to improve your cash flow or consolidate your debt?  Our loan officers take the time to find the right loan for you.

Alternative Financing


Have you tried to finance a loan only to find out your situation is "Outside the Box"?  We have special programs for buyers in unique situations.

We offer financing for self employed borrowers whose tax returns can't be used to qualify -- ask us how.

We offer financing for those with credit that may have been damaged during the financial meltdown.  Don't give up!  Give us a call!